Nella & Patrick –

Nella & Patrick -Spanish & Italian Animal Life after Death and pet afterlife signs

Nella Coiro has been multi-talented since childhood.   In her teenage years, she was a  musician that helped finance her education by performing in a weekend band with a guy that would eventually become her husband.
After graduation Nella worked as a counselor assisting adults with psychological difficulties and developmental disabilities.  Although now “retired’ Nella is VERY busy with her new journey ignited by Patrick her Bassett Hound

With all this extra time ( right!), Nella has continued being a spiritual seeker, spending much time studying different traditions and becaming a non-denominational ordained minister.  She practices an interfaith approach to spirituality, believing in a loving God, an afterlife, reuniting with loved ones, including pets, and reincarnation.  She is particularly interested in the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus, as well as the Hindu and Buddhist spiritual philosophies.

In her home life, Nella had basset hounds, Patrick and Penelope.  Patrick is her special baby and her “Velcro dog” who follows her everywhere in life and in Spirit.  When he transitioned,  Nella was devastated and in need of answers. She read  Brent’s, “After Death Signs”, found our Facebook group, became very involved with the group and felt comforted by the warmth and love of the members. Gradually, she began to help others.

Under Patrick’s guidance, Nella’s life continuesw to transform, so we asked her to be one of our Facebook Pet family’s administrators. Nella does her volunteer work “in honor of Patrick” and is committed to helping to heal hearts, inspiring and supporting those who are experiencing what she suffered.

A few months ago Patrick led her to find Alex a rescue hound.   Both she and Ken feel that why Alex gets along so well with Penelope.    After Patrick transitioned Nella has received many signs from Patric including his scent, coins, lights going on, and her other dogs barking at something they were able to see. Most recently, she was able to feel Patrick’s energy – the weight of his paw in her hand.

When Nella is not running the business of healing hearts, keeping Brent on time, in place and overseeing the details of helping others, she enjoys reading books, writing poetry, painting, and the visual arts.

AND she is MULTILINGUAL and runs our Healing Hearts Language Division for our Global Friends and family

She is fluent in English, Spansih and Italian!  Muy BUENO!!!

We are blessed to have Nella as Manager of all the threads of our organization, keeping us fine tuned and running smoothly! Namaste!