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Brent’s life work is to help people heal from Loss and to expand awareness about Energy that inspires Healing.

Although Brent continues to do private readings, demand for her services has grown so large that she simply cannot do anymore and still have time with her “B”oy Friend.

So, Brent created this Members Area to reach and educate even more people beyond her YouTube videos, Radio Show, Facebook Groups, individual readings and Events.


There is NO COINCIDENCE you were led to Brent Atwater’s Expand- Inspire- Heal
This is the perfect place to understand, accept, ignite, amplify and trust your abilities,
or just hang out to learn what you’re interested in.

“As much as I would like to offer this free, it’s not something that I can realistically afford.
So, YES… there is a charge if you want to subscribe for a Month, or take a specific Class/Course.”


Renowned worldwide for her expertise in Intuitive Energy Healing and After Death Communication and Communication, in our Monthly Chat Room Q & A Brent will be discussing these subjects and more:
Expanding your awareness and intuitive abilities
Inspiring others with your understanding and gifts
Healing yourself and others
Energy Medicine- identifying and providing solutions for Health issues.
Art Energy for alternative therapy  
Soul Art- communication and connections with your special Spirit on the Other Side


Members Area- Subscribers receive these benefits.

If you have internet, you can live or be anywhere in the World
and access our member activities.


* Monthly 30 minute Chat Room Q & A with Brent with Subject to be determined
in our Chat Room Page.
Each Month’s Q & A will be recorded and archived by Subject for your Continuing Education.


* Once a Month 3 Randomly chosen Readings over a 30 minute period.
Monthly Split Screen Readings will also be recorded

and Archived according to date.


Join the fun
Subscriptions begin August 1, 2018! 


 Brent Atwater's Members Area

The First Month’s trial is $28.00 USD 

 After the Trial period, each following Month is $32.00 USD

Billing is for a 30 day period.
 starts on the day that you Subscribe and is active for 30 days.

You will be automatically billed each upcoming month until you Cancel or Unsubscribe.


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