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Medical Intuition, Intuitive Diagnosis & MIDI -How to See Inside a Body to Diagnose Health Issues   Healing Yourself! 23 Ways to Heal YOU! with Affirmations, Healing Energy Tips & Intuition Guidelines


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WHY is Medical Intuitive & Energy Healer Brent Atwater different from other Medical Intuitives?

At 5,  Brent’s unique abilities and Gifts were discovered and documented by Duke University’s
Dr. J B Rhine the founder of ESP in his ESP pilot study.

Brent Atwater has the extraordinary Gift to see inside a body like a “Human MRI,” the nickname given to her by Dr. Larry Burke and Dr. Laurance Johnstone formerly of the National Institute of Health (NIH) who tested Ms. Atwater’s specialized intuitive diagnostic skills.


For almost 20 years, Brent’s unrivaled look inside your body’s systems has been providing accurate health information and furnishing a comprehensive, incredibly detailed health evaluation that
• locates the source of symptoms
• uncovers wrong diagnoses and misdiagnosis
• discovers the location, size and urgency of health conditions
• provides solutions about treatment procedures and medications
• facilitates healing
• identifies and predicts future health events.

Brent’s life changing consultations and success stories have earned her the respect and trust of clients that range from Global leaders, to celebrities, health care professionals and individuals over the world.

Ms Atwater is known for regenerating her dog’s spinal vertebrae and nerves.

Brent’s Energy Healing Specialties are:
• Discovering Misdiagnosis, origin of symptoms
• Nerve Damage, Disorders or Dysfunction
• Spinal Cord Injury, SCI
• Back pain, injuries
• Epileptic Seizures, Tremors, Parkinson’s
• Paralysis, Stroke
• Pain
• Regrowing/ regenerating Cells, Bones, Muscles
• Cancer- Lung, Brain

Examples- Ms. Atwater:

* looks into your heart and determines blocked vessels or which sinus node is causing your cardiac arrhythmia
* looks at your Cancer tumor, sees if it has grown, determines if it has or will metastasize, describes how large it is, and where

Then Ms. Atwater follows your energy to see and describe your future health events and issues.
* looks at your neuropathy (nerve damage-numb area), and tracks the neural pathway(s) back to its damaged or dysfunctional location to determine whether to regenerate it or reconnect the nerve’s electromagnetic impulses.

Q: If someone has a genuine emotional illness (such as anxiety disorder or bipolar or schizophrenia, or depression etc),  do you work with those cases?

A: No

Q: Do you ONLY consider the physical body to find the source and cure for the illness?
A: I use the physical body to search the underlying cause of a health issue. However your body’s emotional energy can manifest physical symptoms and dysfunction.
Ex: if you think feeling sad gave you a heart condition, I can look at your heart and see that there is NO heart condition.
Ex: Client had horrific back pain.  When I looked inside her body, there was a large gray mass over her heart.  I told her, she did not have a physical back disorder/ problem but the “pain” she sensed was coming from a terrific emotional shock to her heart.  She stated her son had been killed in an auto crash 2 weeks ago.



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5. Appointment are on a first come basis. Due Ms. Atwater’s schedule and the demand for Consults, your regular consultation may be scheduled within 14 days or up to 4 weeks after receipt of payment.
*** Occasionally, it is necessary to reschedule appointments due to last-minute changes in Brent’s calendar. We apologize, in advance, for any inconvenience that may be caused by the necessity to reschedule appointments.


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Q: How will my appointment be scheduled?
A: Readings are done by Phone or Skype (brent_atwater).
All of the information you need will be in your appointment letter.

Q: How do you work with International clients in different time zones?
A: I schedule our appointments to accommodate the various time zones by finding the best timeframe that suits both of us.

Q: How do I send you Photos?
A: All photos must be sent as Separate file ATTACHMENTS to the email,
NOT included in the email which often occurs when sent from a mobile phone.


Medical Intuitive Health Readings

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If you have an Emergency and must have a reading within 14 business days, after we receive your Payment notification during Monday thru Friday
we’ll send you an appointment time. 
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15 min Health Reading w Questions
$ 253.00   
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30 min Health Reading  & Questions 
$ 374.00
Preview Image

60 min  1 Body Area Scan
Questions about your Health concerns for one specific Body area.
$ 730.00       Preview Image 

Generalized Overview 
1.5 hours I determine your most pressing issues, then we discuss your  questions/concerns to provide intuitive healing and management solutions.
$ 1540.00     Preview Image

Full Body Scan –  VERY Specific Health Reading Evaluation
DETAILS Head to toe!
Allow 1.5+ hours for each of 3 sessions) 
$ 3200.00    Preview Image

Comprehensive Health Reading & Energy Medicine Program
Medical Intuitive MIDI & ongoing Energy Healing 5 sessions

 $6500.00     Preview Image