Inspirational Healing

Sandra & Angel

Sandra was shepherded through her early years by Penny, her constant companion and protector.  That began her love for animals which permeates her being and gives her life purpose.


In 2011 when Sweet Pea’s fur suit left Rick and Sandra’s lives, her passing was really hard, especially for Rick since she had picked him to be “her human.”  Ever the positive inspiration, Sandra searched to uplift their lives and was led to our Pet Group.

Sweet pea

Instantaneously, Sandra’ compassion shone like a beacon of hope with her wonderful contributions of quotes, photos and motivational comments/ images.  We are blessed that Sandra and Angel are our administrators and official Inspirational Healer of Hearts.

Sandra provides an uplifting, inspirational “Share for the day” for our Pet group that expands your awareness, helps heal your heart, stirs your imagination, soothes your soul, comforts your wounds or just get you through your healing journey after pet loss!!   Angel of course does a great job of supervising and just being Angel 🙂

Additionally, Sandra is a relentless animal advocate cross posting fosters, homeless, abused and anything that has to do with helping to save, find a home for or benefit the healthcare of animals.  She also administrates our Ask Pet Health Questions group!  Busy Busy Busy lady!

Thank you Sandra for your awesome talent of finding just the right thing to uplift others and for all you do to benefit animals!

(Can I have Angel?????)