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We are blessed to have Karina Mendoza and Scottie as Spanish Translators for Brent Atwater

Karina, from Chile is an only child, 32 years old and married to a South African Man. They have 3 furry children: Boefie, Koos and Scottie.

As a Clinical Pathologist, Karina diagnoses children that suffer from cystic fibrosis. She is the head of the medical team and works diligently to help save lives, travelling with a huge suitcase and equipment to test children around the world with these rare symptoms.

May) 2013,  in the afternoon , she heard a noise by the gate in her garden, There 2 dogs caught her eye. One a beautiful black dog, tall, and slender, with a funny white chest and white hair around his nose with beautiful brown eyes stared at her. When she got close to him, she looked at him closely, he put his head down and she touched him.  Then she hugged him. That was the beginning of a beautiful  ‘mom and son’ relationship called ‘Kari and Scottie’.

Karina felt complete for the first time her life,  She would hug him every day which was perfect! – Scotties became her heart’ s home, he was the best listener, and her biggest support in difficult times- even her only company that kept her alive while she and her husband were going through a crisis.

Scottie almost died twice- once he was poisoned, he got 2 adrenaline injections in the heart and after two hours of being ‘dead’ he woke up.  Months after that, he got loose from the leash and got ran over by a car.
Karina fell on her knees crying.   miraculously after several minutes Scottie regained consciousness and ran back to his mom as an answer to her prayers.

All day long,  Karina carried Scottie in her heart.  He was a reason for her to live.
May 2015, Scottie was found killed  a few meters away from Karina’s house.  The most precious treasure of Karina’s life was gone–her beloved”Scotto” .

Scottie’s transition was the most difficult time in her life, the biggest blow, the biggest pain she ever went through.
Her feeling of desperation and the need to be with him again led her to our resources.

Searching for a “dog’s afterlife” over the Internet, she found www.http://www.https://www.brentatwater.com – she discovered our facebook group… and slowly started having hope again- the topics, interaction with other people suffering and going through the same pain- made her realize she wasn’t alone. She read Brent’s books, she watched all the Youtube videos, she listened to our Pet loss podcasts.
She started receiving signs from Scottie and dreaming of him.

She began to get herself together and decided to live for the both of them, guided by Scottie, her most precious angel.

Now Karina wants to help others to heal…  she still misses that first fur suit… but she can feel him close, all the time, he is part of her.

Koos was adopted a week after Scottie’s transition- only because his face was similar from certain angles to Scottie’s.
He was very shy initially.. now- he helps Karina’s heart to heal, he gives love like Scottie, and hugs her too. He dances like Scottie and is Mom’s 2nd favourite child.

Every time Karina sees a Dog she sees some piece of Scottie.. She loves all animals and  is an active volunteer in a dog shelter. She has rescued many of them and found homes for many more!
Karina helps heal hearts to honor Scottie  and to help all those that are going thru what she experienced.