Dealing with Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet…
Meet our International TEAM for Healing Hearts!

All these Ladies are available to help heal YOUR Heart
and to guide your spiritual awareness and journey!

Dianne & Selena (Queen of Signs)


Dianne worked as a human services professional for 30 years, supporting families who had young children with special needs, a few of whom transitioned in infancy.  Her sensitivity, compassion and empathy was further refined by her feline children over the last 32+ years.


When Dianne’s Dad passed away, that ignited her Soul’s curiosity about the Afterlife. Dianne’s first kitty love was Coriander aka “Cori”. When Cori transitioned, Dianne began asking “where is she?” Now, pets and after death connections were added to her ongoing learning journey.  She found and dismissed heart shaped rocks that unbeknownst to her, would reshape her future…

A few weeks later Dianne always suspected that from “somewhere” Cori sent her 2 special fur children, then 2 more, including another Tortie much like herself.  All of those furbabies were special but the short white haired one elicited an unimaginable stronger bond with her heart!

Many years later, with the passing of her beloved Selena in 2013, Dianne was led to our resources  Her thoughtfulness, wisdom and kind insights lighted the way through her own loss as she lifted up the hearts of  countless others in our online pet family.

We are thrilled to have Dianne as one of our Pet Support group’s administrators. And with the help of her white cat Selena, the Queen Educator of Signs!  they both continue to expand awareness about and from the Other Side.

PLUS Dianne Virga’s photography is exquisite, brightens your day and inspires many!!!!   We have based our Inspirational Series on her eagle eye and sensitive capture of life’s moments!


Professional Bereavement Counselor
Frankie Johnson, Gaia & Bear
Frankie & Gaia  Bear3  Hospice

Pet Loss Counseling for our Global Facebook Group

If you have extended periods of grief and are struggling with life or just functioning normally after the loss of your pet, Frankie Johnson is our professional bereavement counselor. She can help you!  See Frankie’s page for more information and how to contact her


There was no coincidence when “Bear” Frankie Johnson’s Maine Coon Cat brought her to our Global Facebook Pet Group and we are truly blessed!  Her huge heart full of great compassion and empathy for others are just some of her many Gifts.

Ms. Johnson began working in the social services system in 2006 and graduated with her Masters in Social Work in  2009. She obtained her Licensed Clinical Social Worker ( LCSW is accepted by all Insurance companies)  in 2014 and began her own practice.

How is Frankie prepared to deal with the Death and Transition process?
Having been a Hospice volunteer for over a decade,  Frankie became a Hospice bereavement counselor in 2014. And she’s also Spiritual!  Ms. Johnson is an ordained Non-Denominational/Spiritualist Minister , plus a Reiki Master/Teacher with additional certifications in Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology.

Mary Ellen Clifton & “Miss” Tammy


Mary Ellen is in her ninth year as Parish Administrator for an Episcopal Church.  She doesn’t limit her beliefs to one religion, instead she embraces that we are all colors of the Universe no matter what the tradition.

After the tragic loss of her brother in 1978 and his subsequent efforts to reach her, a portal opened for Mary Ellen into the spiritual world.    Learning to feel at ease with Spirit was the first important step in healing her broken heart and in beginning a very different relationship with her brother.     Mary Ellen learned that Spirit is loving and that our beloved deceased ones are always with us.  She has since learned that this also applies to our animal companions.

In 1996, as a result of meditative work with the Lord’s Prayer in its original Aramaic meaning, Mary Ellen left the financial security of the corporate world, took a leap of faith, and began a period of creative spiritual expression through biblical storytelling, sacred dance, and writing.

Above all, she understood through the Prayer that  ‘heaven’ is not a place ‘up there’ and earth ‘down here’ but that the vibration by which we can recognize the Oneness is the physical universe of which we are a part.   This made it easier for her to now understand that the living energy of our deceased loved ones and pets is not separate from us in ‘another place’ far away but part of our own connection to the Oneness.  They are truly here with us.

Mary Ellen has loved animals all her life and has been a cat mommy for over 40 years from Italy to France and back to the U.S.  The transition of her beloved Tammy in 2016 opened another portal which ultimately led her to our pet family.   Tammy is with her continually, working very hard to open and balance her heart connection.

Miss Tammy continues to take Mary Ellen on a healing and life changing journey. Moving from grief to healing to greater awareness, it is important to Mary Ellen to take the lessons she is learning and use them to help others.

Mona Samet & Honey

Mona has college degrees in Early Childhood Education, including the Montessori method.
She is also a licensed massage therapist, certified in Shiatsu (acupressure massage), and Reiki Master.

Ms. Samet has been aware of and communicating with her Spirit Guide since childhood. She has studied and continues to study, higher spiritual teachings of all kinds.

Though she grew up around dogs, Honey a master teacher, is the only pet who has been with her as an adult. Mona and Honey, who transitioned to spirit  in May 2016, live NC.


Marloes Poulus & Heidi

our Ambassadors from the Netherlands



Nella & Patrick


Nella is a retired mental health professional who has also been a professional musician and visual artist.  She is a Certified Reiki Master and Reiki Animal Practitioner.

When her basset hound, Patrick transitioned, she was devastated. Seeking answers, she read After Death Signs, joined  our Facebook group, and gradually began to help others.  As one of our group administrators, she does her volunteer work “in honor of Patrick” and is committed to helping to heal hearts, inspiring and supporting those who are experiencing what she suffered.

Since Patrick’s transition in 2015, she has received many signs from him including his scent, coins, flickering lights, and her other dogs barking at something not visible to her.  Most recently, she was able to feel Patrick’s energy – the weight of his paw in her hand.

Nella enjoys reading books, writing poetry, creating multi-media artwork and is also multilingual.  She believes in a loving God, afterlife, reuniting with loved ones- including pets and reincarnation.  She embraces the Hindu spiritual tradition.


Nicole Russell & Holly


I’m from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and a licensed Practical Nurse. I have worked in health care for over seventeen years.   I came to find this wonderful group, after my dog Holly transitioned September 30th 2015.

I had just lost my Father, unexpectedly in August 2015.
Exactly one month after my Dad transitioned,  I was grieving my Holly. Holly’s last journey, with me on earth was to help, get me through the grief and shock of my Dad.Being broken hearted, is the worst pain I have ever felt.  Grieving for my Dad, and now my baby!!! Holly’s transition broke me! The emotional rollercoaster ride began. All of my grief for my Father suddenly disappeared. I was focused on my girl!! Sadness, tears, heart ache, anger…but I could still FEEL her!

The day Holly transitioned, I felt her and her energy surrounding me. I knew she was not gone, I felt her strong presence, every day.  Why was I still so very broken?  I needed to find out if other people were experiencing what I was. I knew Holly, was pushing me to learn. Yes, I was still grieving! I knew I needed to connect with like minded people. 

I stumbled upon Brent Atwater, and her Facebook group. I immediately felt that there was a reason WHY I was here. I came into the group with an open mind and a wounded heart. My journey, with Holly has never ended. Every day she is a huge part of my life. Holly has given me many sign’s, in the form of orbs, candles flickering, dreams, visions, rainbows, song’s, and robin’s pecking at my window’s. Animals, wild one’s too, will all the sudden be intensely connected to me. My heart knows that this is my girl.

The biggest gift that Holly has given me has been bringing Shadow, my new dog to me. Shadow fits like a glove into my life, I could not have chosen a better companion if I had tried. I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Holly and my story. Our journey continues!

What a blessing I am here and so are YOU.



Rute Gervasio and Kiko


Rute was born and raised in Torres Vedras – Portugal.   She came to the United States in 1995 and speaks and writes both Portuguese and English.

In 1996 Rute’s soul was introduced to a little black cat who was VERY special!  Kiko became a part of her heart and life journey.   So much so, that when she moved to another job where pets weren’t allowed, Rute bought Kiko a plane ticket and sent him to live with her family in Portugal.   Kiko stayed there until Rute got settled.  After relocating to a full time job and new house, Rute immediately brought Kiko home.

Kiko the global cat had his share of health problems. Under the loving care of Rute, he ultimately became a 4 year cancer/front amputee survivor!  She was his guardian angel watching over him every step of the way!

In 2014  Rute was diagnosed with breast cancer. She endured Mastectomy procedures and chemotherapy.
Kiko’s previous struggle with cancer set the example for Rute to live by – be strong,  never give up and fight with all of your being.  He was by her side every moment of the way!

He stayed by her side for almost 20 years before he transitioned on February 28th 2015.
Still and always guiding Rute’s path, Kiko also led her to our Pet Group.  There, having suffered through and survived cancer, Rute knew what personal tragedy and devastation from the loss of a pet felt like. Yet her spirit shone like a beacon of hope to help others suffering from the loss of their pet.

We are blessed she agreed to become the administrator  for our Portuguese pages on Facebook and our official Portuguese Translator.  The reason our resources are translated into Portuguese is because of Rute’s tireless commitment to honor Kiko’s life.

When asked WHY she’s helping others suffering pet loss as she did with Kiko, with an empathetic and compassionate understanding under her gentle smile she’ll answer  “I always looked for a way to use my native language.  I think helping expand awareness and heal Portuguese speaking hearts is the best way!”

Guided by Kiko, together they continue their healing journey, this time to benefit others! Namaste!

Sandra & Angel
  Sweet pea   
Sandra was shepherded through her early years by Penny, her constant companion and protector.  That began her love for animals which permeates her being and gives her life purpose.

In 2011 when Sweet Pea’s fur suit left Rick and Sandra’s lives, her passing was really hard, especially for Rick since she had picked him to be “her human.”  Ever the positive inspiration, Sandra searched to uplift their lives and was led to our Pet Group.

Instantaneously, Sandra’ compassion shone like a beacon of hope with her wonderful contributions of quotes, photos and motivational comments/ images.  We are blessed that Sandra and Angel are our administrators and official Inspirational Healer of Hearts.

Sandra provides an uplifting, inspirational “Share for the day” for our Pet group that expands your awareness, helps heal your heart, stirs your imagination, soothes your soul, comforts your wounds or just get you through your healing journey after pet loss!!   Angel of course does a great job of supervising and just being Angel 🙂

Additionally, Sandra is a relentless animal advocate cross posting fosters, homeless, abused and anything that has to do with helping to save, find a home for or benefit the healthcare of animals.  She also administrates our Ask Pet Health Questions group!  Busy Busy Busy lady!

Thank you Sandra for your awesome talent of finding just the right thing to uplift others and for all you do to benefit animals!
(Can I have Angel?????   *****

Terry McHone & Java


Life in the Pacific Northwest is sometimes rainy and cold, but then the sun comes out and I am blessed with the astonishing beauty that surrounds me.  It seeps into my pours and erases all those dark days.

I live in the country on 1 and ¼ acres of flowers and fruit trees, situated out on a peninsula in the Sound.During my lifetime, I’ve built my own company, sold it, moved into consulting for a while then took on large scale project management.  I am now retired and along with my writer son, live with an 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier that I am fostering¸ named Flex¸ but who has since been nicknamed Grumblebum after an old Husky named Buddy that I rescued from an abusive home 10 years ago who would put Houdini to shame.

Plus a five-month old sweet and loving Jack Russell terrier named Latte who also and at various times goes by the names of Rage Machine¸ Terrorist and Little Piddle Monster; and who is also my comeback kid¸ not once but twice.

I have been blessed with 3 beautiful children – a son, who has traveled the world, another son who is an aspiring writer and a daughter¸ who is married and in school finishing her Veterinary degree  She gifted me with a lovely granddaughter, who is 4 years old and possibly autistic.

When I was 12, Duchess, a German Shepherd, came to me when I needed a friend the most. Twenty years later and after raising my kids, she came to me again as Java, a spunky Jack Russell terrier, and my greatest companion. She returned to me this year, in the form of this plucky pup Latte,
her job not yet done….