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It’s NO coincidence that you’ve been led to animal medium
Brent Atwater’s site!

As a child, Brent talked with animals and her imaginary friends.  At age 5 her intuitive Gifts were documented by Dr. J B Rhine of Duke University in his pilot study for ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

After the death of her fiance in 1997, Brent dedicated her life to help heal the hearts of people dealing with the tragedy of pet loss. Brent guides you to overcome your grief and rebuild your life by honoring your pets purpose through the following resources:

Brent’s YouTube TV show has LOTS of positive, comforting uplifting lessons and information.

“Having a Reading with Brent is like making a personal phone call to your Pet in Heaven”

For the past 20 years Brent’s life changing Readings have been healing clients and audiences worldwide because they’re filled with very personal information and sensitive, specific OMG details that provide clarity, comfort, peace, closure and proof of after death communication and connection!

WHY and HOW are Brent Atwater’s Animal Medium Readings different from other Animal Communicators?
Most AC’s can NOT SEE your Pet’s Spirit.  They get “telepathic” impressions in their mind. Those thoughts are translated into “communication” from your pet.

Brent actually sees your Pet’s Spirit and talks face to face with your animal’s soul no matter where you live in the world! Because of that fact and years of research, Brent is considered the world’s authority on Pet Afterlife, Signs, Animal Life after Death and Reincarnation.

Brent’s goal is to answer your questions to help heal your heart, provide peace, clarity and closure so you can live again! 

Additionally, Ms. Atwater also has the extraordinary gift to see inside a body to accurately diagnose current and future health issues as a Medical Intuitive,  she can answer specific questions about health issues and occurrences surrounding the death of your pet as an Animal Intuitive.

Brent’s clients are from all walks of life- Everyone who loves their Pets!

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** To make APPOINTMENT, please read the following **
By clicking the Pay Pal Add to Cart button, You acknowledge that you have read, understand, consent and agree to the terms below:
1. You are 18 years or older and have the legal capacity to create a binding agreement with Brent Atwater.

2. Your Payment secures a place in Brent’s calendar.

3. Your Reading’s Fee is NON refundable.
Within 14 business days, you’ll receive notification we received your payment 
& appointment time choices.

4. Appointments are on a first come basis.
Medical Appointments are have priority with a 14 business days window.

**** Due to demand for Brent’s Readings there is a waiting list.  Your Reading may be scheduled as soon as one month or over five months from the date of payment.
FYI  you can talk to a pet during transition and years later. Time does NOT affect the information or connection. 
Other choices include:

1. If your reading is extremely important, upgrade with High Priority Fee below.
2. Urgent session

*** Please be aware- Occasionally, it’s necessary for Brent to reschedule your appointment within the above stated timeframe due to last-minute changes in her calendar.
This policy insures that Ms. Atwater has plenty of unrushed time to focus on YOU and YOUR pet!
Thank you for understanding and for your patience. *** 


PayPal or personal Credit card.  Appointment must be completed within one year of payment.

Readings are subject to sales tax See here


You must reschedule any session 48 hours before your appointment time.
IF you are over 10 minutes late or you miss your Reading for any reason
** your session time is forfeited and all fees paid are non refundable.**


Q: How are readings done?

A:  Readings are done by Phone or Skype (brent_atwater).
You are responsible for contacting Brent

**  AFTER RECEIPT OF YOUR PAYMENT,  within 10 days you will receive your appointment scheduling. All of the information you need will be in your appointment instructions letter.

Q: How do you work with International clients in different time zones?
A:  I schedule our appointments to accommodate the various time zones by finding the best timeframe that suits both of us.

Q: Do you have Translators for International Clients

A: Yes, Portuguese and Spanish

Q:Can couples attend a Reading for a single pet?
A: Yes, I appreciate “pet Parents” attending our session.

Q:  Do I send my pet’s Photos?

A:  Yes.  Those instructions will be in your appointment information

Q: What are the times you do Readings?
A: Office Hours:
Monday – Friday  11 am – 4 pm  EST ( New York)

I do not work on weekends -Emergencies are the exception. 
Multi hour Readings are usually scheduled at 1:30 EST (New York)

International Clients– we’ll compare our time zones and determine what’s best for both of us!



One Pet per Reading- Please schedule enough time for your Pet to answer your questions.
Brent provides communication from your Pet who dictates exactly what Brent tells you-
have NO expectations or preplanned ideas.  There are NO guarantees your Pet will say what you expect or want to hear.
* All Readings are confidential because while discussing your Pet’s Soul’s Purpose in your life,  your Pet can disclose VERY intense, revealing deeply personal and oftentimes extremely heavy and ultrasensitive private information.   

Readings by the Time:  General Questions, No questions about Reincarnation 
Topics can be:
* Follow up Reading     * Pre Death Communication
* Questions about your pet’s transition experience
* Follow up Q’s from a previous reading     * Check in to “see how he’s doing”
* Mini Class– Learn techniques to better connect with your Pet


15 minute  ONE question  $ 199.00  USD   Preview Image
                      No reincarnation

 30 minute   $ 293.00 USD    Preview Image

55 minute   $ 495.00  USD  Preview Image

Will my Pet REINCARNATE Reading
  2+ hours
$ 599.00 USD   Preview Image
+ Birth to current   + Health Issues
+ Transition              + Future lives
+ Soul Purpose         + IF Reincarnating

I’ll describe what pet will look like, when he returns, where & how you will reconnect
The reason pet isn’t returning + Life directives from your pet


ALL LIVES READING – Past, Present & Future
$ 685.00 USD   Preview Image     
A life changing conversation with your Pet!
OMG Details, details, details!!!
+ Past Lives,         + Current life
+ Health issues   
+ Death questions,
+ Future lives      + Soul Purpose
+ If they are Reincarnating w very specific details 


 UPgrade FEE  for Priority Reading to be scheduled within 55 BUSINESS days

IF you feel the need to speak with Brent BEFORE
those on her currently scheduled list,   
Please add our Priority Schedule fee
in addition to the Reading you select.   $ 325.00
  USD       Preview Image

URGENT SESSION for   3.5+  hours
$2300.00   USD       Afterlife reading. animal spirit, animal medium, brent atwater

These are scheduled within 18 business days of receipt of your payment and wherever Brent can find an opening in her calendar including weekends.  

These sessions are for those in a deep, urgent need of a connection or a private reading for better understanding in order to move forward with their life 

+ Birth to current   + Health Issues
+ Transition              + Future lives
+ Soul Purpose         + IF Reincarnating
I’ll describe what pet will look like, when he returns, where & how you will reconnect
If NOT- The reason pet isn’t returning + Life directives from your pet



Translation Service Fees for Brent Atwater em Portugues and Espanol