Animal Medium Brent Atwater spirit communication & messages from a Pet psychic

It’s NO coincidence your Pet led  you to Brent Atwater!

Since Age 5, Brent talked with animals and imaginary friends.  Her intuitive Gifts were documented by Dr. J B Rhine of Duke University in his pilot study for ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

After the death of her fiance in 1997, Brent dedicated her life to help heal the hearts of people dealing with the tragedy of  loss. 

“Having a Reading with Brent is like making a phone call to your Pet in Heaven”

For 20+ years Brent’s life changing intuitive animal medium Readings have been healing clients. She helps audiences worldwide understand the larger implications of the information they receive and how to incorporate it into their daily lives.
Ms Atwater’s Readings are filled with very personal and sensitive, specific OMG details that provide validation, clarity, comfort, peace, closure and proof of after death communication and connection!  
Brent’s goal is to answer questions so you can live again! 

HOW are Brent Atwater’s intuitive Animal Medium Readings different from other Animal Communicators?
Most AC’s can NOT SEE your Pet’s Spirit.  They get “telepathic” impressions in their mind, then translate those thoughts into “communication” from your pet.

Brent actually sees your Pet’s Spirit and talks face to face with your animal’s soul no matter where you live in the world! Because of that fact and years of research, Brent is considered the world’s authority on Pet Afterlife, Signs, Animal Life after Death and Reincarnation.

Additionally, Ms. Atwater also has the extraordinary gift to see inside a body to accurately diagnose current and future health issues. As a Medical Intuitive,  she can answer specific questions about health issues and occurrences surrounding the death of your pet .

Animal Medium Reviews > Healing Lives one heart at a time!>

“I found Brent’s web site and started watching her videos, some days for six hours. I could stop crying just enough to watch more. I somehow came to trust and believe in this deep feeling, intelligent, truly gifted woman. I took the leap and signed up for a reading. I talked to Brent for over three hours and am overwhelmed with what I just received…a direct communication from C. Brent gave me many direct statements on our life and our future life, what happened in his transition, what to change my thinking on, his assignment in life with me and much more. There are so many emotions…gratitude, respect, hope, peace, wonder, shock and much more. I have so much to process. If anyone doubts that animals will be there for us in the next stage, please waste no more time and believe! C told something that happened nearly 50 years ago, specifics on now that Brent could never have known without C telling her, and things coming. Brent is able to communicate with transitioned animals! It is real! If we miss this, we are missing one of life’s greatest gifts. Thank you Brent. Your book opened my mind and you walked me into heaven while I was still on earth. god has blessed you, now thank you for blessing me.” Sue S.

APPOINTMENTS Brent has a wait list.
Readings may be scheduled as soon as one month or
over five months from the date of payment.

FEE is NON refundable and subject to sales tax.

FYI you can talk to a pet during transition and years later.
Time does NOT affect the information or connection.

You must reschedule 48 hours before your appointment time.
IF over 10 minutes late or you miss your Reading for any reason—
** your session time is forfeited and all fees paid are non refundable.**

Readings are done by Phone, What’s App or Skype (brent_atwater).

WITHIN 10 days you'll receive your appointment information.

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS are scheduled to accommodate various time zones.

HOURS Monday – Friday 11 am – 4 pm EST ( New York)
I do not work on weekends -Emergencies are the exception.

One Pet per Reading.
Your Pet dictates exactly what Brent tells you. There are NO guarantees
your Pet will say what you expect to hear or do what you want.
Readings are confidential.
A Pet’s Soul’s Purpose can disclose VERY intense, deeply personal and
oftentimes extremely heavy and ultrasensitive private information.

GENERAL QUESTIONS do not include Reincarnation
Topics can be:
* Follow up Reading * Pre Death Communication
* Questions about your pet’s transition experience
* Follow up Q’s from a previous reading * Check in to “see how he’s doing”

GENERAL QUESTION for 15 minutes
$ 199.00 USD


GENERAL QUESTIONS for 30 minutes
$ 352.00 USD


GENERAL QUESTIONS for 55 minutes
$ 550.00 USD


YES or NO? Is my new pet, my old Pet reincarnated?
$ 194.00 USD


After payment, Please email to
a photo of the deceased pet and your New Pet.
You’ll receive a reply within 14 business days.

Will my Pet REINCARNATE Reading 2+ hours
$ 650.00 USD

+ Birth to current + Health Issues
+ Transition + Future lives
+ Soul Purpose + IF Reincarnating
what pet will look like, when he returns, where & how you will reconnect
If NOT- The reason pet isn’t returning + Life directives from your pet.

afterlife, after death, brent atwater

ALL LIVES READING – Past, Present & Future
$ 730.00 USD

A life changing conversation with your Pet!
OMG Details, details, details!!!
+ Past Lives, + Current life
+ Health issues + Death questions,
+ Future lives + Soul Purpose
+ If they are Reincarnating w very specific details

These sessions are for those who have a deep, urgent need for a connection
in order to move forward with their life.

animal radio interview, doggie medium, cat medium, brent atwater

IF you feel the need to speak with Brent BEFORE
those on her currently scheduled list, then add this fee
to the Reading you select.
$ 352.00 USD


pet loss quote

URGENT SESSION for 3+ hours.This Reading is scheduled within
18 business days from receipt of your payment and wherever
Brent can find an opening in her calendar including weekends.
$2300.00 USD


This Reading includes:
+ Birth to current + Health Issues
+ Transition + Future lives
+ Soul Purpose + IF Reincarnating
I’ll describe what pet will look like, when he returns, where & how you will reconnect
If NOT- The reason pet isn’t returning + Life directives from your pet.