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Energy Art by Brent Atwater Energy Artist  Meet Brent Atwater

The Energy Art of
Brent Atwater

inspiring thoughts that provide smiles, hugs and healing for every viewer’s heart!
"I want my Art to DO 'good' as well as be good"

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Having successfully licensed her artwork for 30+ years, Brent Atwater is one of the contemporary American  artists/ painters that is bringing forth a new cultural renaissance by blending her classical artistic training with spirituality and healing energy merged into Energy Art paintings. Her award winning art compels and seduces your emotions into a palpable experience with her subject matter.
The enticing energy, evocative coloration, and diversified styles of her paintings make Brent's art highly sought after by collectors around the globe.

Ms Atwater, is a Healing arts and healing art medicine pioneer and has scientifically documented the healing energy, diagnostic abilities and healing benefits of her healing art- 
Paintings That Heal
®, and Healing Art for Children.

Paintings that Heal®  Healing Art IS therapy!
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Art with Attitude® & 
Soul Stories
Realism, whimsical and impressionistic art 
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